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PAROS by Jean-Marie Massaud is classic DEDON with a contemporary twist. The generous proportions, grounded presence and luxurious comfort of this woven modular lounge system harken back to the roots of the brand. But the low horizontal volumes, signature feet and specially developed, strikingly natural new strand of DEDON Fiber put PAROS in a class of its own. Rustic yet refined, timeless yet modern, this is the kind of outdoor collection that becomes a part of the landscape, welcoming friends and family for generations to come.

For the design of PAROS, Jean-Marie Massaud drew inspiration from the vernacular architecture of the Mediterranean, from Greece to Spain, Italy to North Africa. Essential, consistent and charming, the Mediterranean style has endured for centuries and will continue to do so, Massaud believes, for centuries to come. According to the designer, PAROS embodies this same “quest for the essential” while reflecting “the art of living with the sun.”

PAROS is characterized by simple, comfortable compositions and low-lying forms that seem to float above the ground, ensuring clean, uncluttered views. With its large circular feet made of stainless steel, the collection can be set on the grass or ground as well as on a terrace or deck. Strong, versatile and weather-resistant, PAROS is also easy to maintain.For PAROS, Massaud worked closely with DEDON’s fiber specialists to develop a new strand of organic, natural and tactile fiber, almost like a vine. Woven in this new fiber, the collection’s extra-wide armrests and backrests can be sat on in comfort. The design is finished in silt, a warm matte brown colorway that lends even greater depth while melding easily with organic elements.

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Jean-Marie Massaud

Design aims at taking part in a new consumption model based on being rather than having.

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